Securely Manage Your Digital Assets with Flag Wallet

Manage your crypto assets with ease and confidence using Flag Wallet's cross-chain compatibility and user-friendly features.

Cross-Chain Compatibility

Seamlessly access and engage with dApps on any chain with Flag Wallet.

Multi-Platform Accessibility

Use Flag Wallet to enjoy easy access to your digital assets on any device. Examples

The FLAG Coin

The FLAG coin is the native token of the Flag blockchain. FLAG is needed for all on-chain activity, such as:

Install Flag Wallet

Download and install Flag Wallet as a Chrome extension, available on the Google Play and Apple stores.

Import or Create a Wallet

Import your existing wallet or create a new one with ease, ensuring that your crypto assets are secure and protected.

Add Your Digital Assets

Add your preferred digital assets to your wallet and manage them with Flag Wallet's user-friendly interface.

Use Your Digital Assets

Seamlessly engage with dApps on any chain, conduct transactions, and manage your digital assets with confidence using Flag Wallet.

The Flag Ecosystem

Get answers to commonly asked questions about Flag Wallet's features and functionality.

What is Flag Wallet and how does it work?

Flag Wallet is a secure platform for managing your crypto assets, offering cross-chain compatibility and support for a wide range of digital assets. It works by allowing users to import or create a wallet, add digital assets, and engage with dApps on any chain with ease.

Is Flag Wallet secure? How are my crypto assets protected?

Yes, Flag Wallet is secure and employs state-of-the-art security measures to protect your crypto assets.

Can I access my Flag Wallet on multiple devices?

Yes, Flag Wallet can be accessed on multiple devices, including Chrome extensions and mobile apps on both iOS and Android.

How do I import or create a wallet on Flag Wallet?

To import or create a wallet on Flag Wallet, simply follow the prompts within the app and ensure that you backup your seed phrase in a secure location.

Does Flag Wallet charge any fees for transactions?

No. Flag Wallet does not chat any transaction fees.